Photo Credit: Jacob Robertson

Come and see the places I have lived. Follow me,
From the time I was a baby, raised by a single mother of three.
Living in a small, rural town on a potato farm,
where my mother finds love again to a pastor with wit and charm,
Packing up and heading to suburbia, new friends, new start,
Soon off to college in a big city pursuing a degree in Art.
Searching for my roots took me to a distant land,
Making some lasting friendships that sent me to work by the sand.
Soaring high in the air, free falling and walking tight ropes,
Became my summer of adventure, fear facing and high hopes.
Graduation from college, done with this fast pace,
Oldest brother expecting a son, Wyatt Leo, brought me to this final place.
Free spirits, maple syrup, mountains and locally grown,
This place, once lonely, is finally becoming my new home.

I’m currently pursuing my Masters of Education and Licensure in Art.

One thought on “About

  1. I checked out this site because i wanted to see if my name had a website(this is it!), but your photos are simply amazing! keep up the good work!

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